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Dana James Mwangi on WREG News Channel 3 Live at 9:"Branding expert shares why personal branding is not just for celebs"

Dana James Mwangi, the brains behind Cheers Creative, talks branding brilliance on Live at 9. From superstar clients like to breaking down myths and dropping practical tips, Dana offers the 411 on making your brand shine in 2024.

Dana James Mwangi on #EssenceNow Talk Show: "Being a Black Woman in Tech" - Live Interview

Essence Magazine invited me to their talk show #EssenceNow to share my experiences as a Black woman in tech.

Interview with Choose901: Dana James Mwangi Talks About the Power of Mentorship

Choose901 took me back to Wooddale, my old Memphis high school in Memphis, Tennessee, to share memories of my art teacher, the ways she shaped my desire to be a teacher, and why I mentor to creatives.


Dana James Mwangi at Awwwards Conference San Francisco: "8 Confidence Lessons for Creatives"

I delivered confidence tips for creative professionals at Awwwards, a national conference for digital designers.


Interview with PR Maven Nikki Woods and Branding Expert Dana James Mwangi

Nikki Woods, PR/Media Veteran and former producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, invited me to have an online chat about branding.

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Revision Path Podcast, Episode 373: "Dana James Mwangi"

“Dana James Mwangi has really helped put Memphis, TN on the map when it comes to design and the creative community. As a web and branding consultant, Dana helps companies and creative entrepreneurs reach the next level of their business through her agency, Cheers Creative. But as you’ll hear in our interview, Dana is all about striving for excellence while also knowing your value and taking care of yourself.”

Sispreneur Stories Podcast, Episode 11: "The 'Have It All' Blueprint: The Balancing Act of Life, Love and Sispreneurship with Dana James Mwangi"

“Meet Dana James Mwangi the unstoppable force behind Cheers Creative, a globally renowned brand strategy, web, and graphic design agency. She is a superwoman in every sense of the word, including a loving wife and mom of three. In this episode, Dana unveils the secrets to balancing it all – from thriving in the business world to being an amazing spouse and parent.”

Now That's Life Podcast with Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey feat. Dana James Mwangi: "Keeping the Confidence While Becoming the Leader You Want to See"

“In this episode, we will discuss how to truly become a leader and step into your own definition of what it is to be a leader. We will be learning from a wonderful person in my life. Dana James Mwangi is brand strategist and also a close friend. She will not only bring in the facts and research behind becoming a leader, but also her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur, mother, wife and so much more.”

Let's Grab Coffee Podcast: "Behind the Brand with Dana James Mwangi"

SunAh Laybourn is the host of of WYXR Memphis 91.7FM’s Let’s Grab Coffee Podcast. Join SunAh, University of Memphis professor, author, goal-setting coach, and coffee lover, as she catches up with experts from across the country, who are investigating our most pressing social issues and common curiosities.

In episode #63 of the Let’s Grab Coffee podcast, SunAh sits down with Dana James Mwangi, Founder of Cheers Creative, a brand strategy consultancy, and Tennessee’s Grow with Google Digital Coach.

A Tremendous Vibe with Sid Scott Podcast: "Welcoming Ease, Boundaries, and Self-care as a Black Woman Entrepreneur w/Dana James Mwangi"

Transformational coach Sid Scott and Dana talk about boundaries and business. “Dana hopped on the park yesterday to talk about her self-care has evolved as she has stepped into her prime.”

The Agency Trailblazer Podcast feat. Dana James Mwangi: "The Importance of Telling Your Story"

In the creative industry, how do you stand out? Dana James Mwangi shares how she developed her story and her voice which has lead to exposure on television, events and leading industry websites.

Succeeding Over All Roadblocks (SOAR) Lifecas‪t‬: "Brand Yourself by Being Yourself with Dana James Mwang‪i‬"

In the creative industry, how do you stand out? Dana James Mwangi shares how she developed her story and her voice which has lead to exposure on television, events and leading industry websites.

Move Podcast Magazine for Women: "Woman to Follow: Dana James Mwangi"

Move is a fast-paced informational and inspirational audio magazine for women on the go with work, family, business and social life. It’s hosted by Nikki Woods, radio veteran, motivational speaker, and former producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. This episode’s Woman to Follow is Dana James Mwangi.

The Startup Life Podcast feat. Dana James Mwangi: "How to Brand the Right Way"

“In this episode, we talk to Dana James-Mwangi (Founder of Cheers Creative) as she shares with us her journey of entrepreneurship, a teacher that made an impact on her early, and the one brand she can not live without. “

The Art of Appointment Setting feat. Dana James Mwangi: "How to Develop a Brand that Attracts High Value Clients"

Dana James Mwangi shares how to create a high-value brand that attracts high-value business. In this episode Dana also shares:

  • How to define your company’s brand in specific terms
  • How to use your brand as a sales tool
  • 3 ways to improve your brand

Grindset Podcast feat. Dana James Mwangi

GRINDSET uncovers the stories, successes, and challenges of female founders and entrepreneurs of color. Podcast hosts Cynthia and Brack visit with Dana James-Mwangi, founder of Cheers Creative. From corporate employee to full-time entrepreneur, Dana’s career has evolved from being an in-house print designer to creative agency founder, brand strategist, speaker, and teacher.

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Aaliyah Niara of Glamhouse Designs Lists Dana James Mwangi among Inspirational Women

“Dana James Mwangi is the founder and web strategist of Cheers Creative and this website proves her and her team’s vast experience in web design. You should definitely have a closer look at this amazing website and follow her on Twitter!”

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