What is “Realistic”​ in Today’s Online Space?

In today’s digital age, what is realistic? What is far-fetched? Do we know?

You can get a Grammy without being signed to a label or having physical copies of your music.


You can make a comics series and get picked up by Netflix.


You can be an art school dropout, vlog about makeup, become one of the most successful YouTubers of all time and create a $500 Million beauty product subscription service.


You can make a YouTube webisode series, get picked up by HBO for a show where you’re the producer AND the star, and end up in a Jay-Z video.


You can blog, write a book, become a New York Times bestseller, and then get your book turned into a show by Shonda Rhimes.


You can be an architect, make a blog to help you study for a hard-as-hell architectural exam, get LAID OFF from your job, find out that you’re getting over 5,000 unique hits a day from that blog you wrote because other people were studying for that same architecture certification, turn your blog into a book, make profit, and go on to create a successful podcast, an online business that generates well over $100K a month in passive income, and end up in Forbes as one of the “thought leaders of tomorrow.”


You can be an 11-year old #girlboss, make a lemonade recipe with honey to save bees, get an $60,000 investment from ABC’s Shark Tank and land an $11 Million dollar deal with Whole Foods.


You can be a visual artist/activist and create an art installation about equality with NIKE and SOLANGE.

In today’s digital space, you can create killer content and create a FREAKING empire!

Because the internet makes it easier to discover great content, degrees of separation is ZERO. But here’s the catch…

Like all of the amazing people listed in this post, you have to be willing to be in it for the long haul. There has to be something else besides money that drives you. None of these people experienced overnight success.

If you’re doing some amazing stuff that’s truly authentic, if you keep it simple, AND if you’re consistent, you will rise above the digital noise and you WILL be heard.

You don’t have to make a spanking brand new product/service. All you have to do is expand your product/service’s category. You don’t need to promise be the best. You just need to be the leader (If you want to learn more about what this means, check out this book by Al and Laura Ries. It’ll challenge your current ideas about branding)!

These amazing real-life examples of persistence and authenticity represent the new “realistic.” WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. WHAT A TIME to 5X and 10X your goals (get the ONLY book I recommend about goal-setting here)!

The question is no longer “how will you get it done…” there are all kinds of resources out there at your fingertips. The new question is “WHEN” you’ll get it done.

What steps can you take toward fulfilling your purpose using online tools today?

  • Did you know that you can start a podcast with your phone?
  • Have you thought about validating your idea for an online course/conference/workshop and getting rich feedback by facilitating a webinar?
  • Did you know you could sell your artwork on posters, canvas and t-shirts, without worrying about inventory, storage or making trips to the post office (Seriously, we helped one of our web design clients set this up)?
  • Did you know you can create print-to-order magazines, cookbooks and more?

I challenge you to take FULL advantage of the time that we are living in, starting today. Start-up costs don’t have to be astronomical. Start creating, sharing and getting feedback now. When you start to generate income, reinvest into what you’re doing so that you can acquire more sophisticated tools and hire professionals to help you in the long run.

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