Save time on finding the right tools for your business.

Spend more time in 2020 making impact and revenue by avoiding the “software junkie” phase! Get my free #LevelUp guide on tried and true tools.

I get it. There are 10,000 apps, website builders, payment gateways and email marketing platforms out there and the thought of looking through them all to find the right one is just downright daunting. On top of that, the creative side of you can easily get caught up spending way too much time picking out color palettes or trying out project management tools. Before you know it, six months have passed and you haven’t launched your thing at all. Well, no more. 

In my #LevelUp Guide, I share details on the tools I’ve used to build an award-winning branding and web design business while being a wife, mom, and working from wherever I want.

learn about the exact tools that I've used to:
  • Build award-winning websites
  • Write copy for my websites and social media posts that actually sound like ME
  • Build email lists for myself and my branding/web design clients
  • Automate parts of my business so that I can have more time with my family
… and a whole lot more.

Who am I?

I’m Dana James Mwangi (moo • WON • geh), and 15 years ago I was a single mom studying graphic design in college with NO idea on what entrepreneurship was. 

It wasn’t until I started working in corporate America that I realized running a business was the way to work on things I love and obliterate the ceiling that was on my income at the time. On a quest to figure out this entrepreneurship thing, I spent years and years trying tons of tools for everything from sending invoices to scheduling social media posts. As you can imagine, that took up a lot of time and money.

Fast forward to 2020…

Today I’m an award-winning branding and website strategist, creative agency owner and speaker. As a consultant, I get to tell creative professionals everything I wish someone had told me all those years ago, especially how to build your brand with confidence while using the best tools to get things done.

My writings, design work and talks about branding, web design and entrepreneurship have been featured and referenced in:

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Have you ever driven on a highway that was clear on your side but backed up for miles on the opposite side?

Didn’t you wish that you could just stick your head out of your window and yell “Hey! Turn around! Go another way!” to the other drivers? Well, that’s what my #LevelUp guide is for you. Don’t let the paralysis that comes from the overwhelming choice of business tools slow down your momentum.

Download my free guide below and get out of the traffic jam so that you can build your business into something great.

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