Move forward in your design career with confidence and direction.

Schedule a no-holds-barred, 90-minute virtual Clarity Session with me to get unstuck and get moving on the right activities to boost your freelance business or agency. 

Are you a graphic designer, web designer, creative director, or digital illustrator who is tired of experiencing things like this:

With my 90-minute virtual clarity sessions created specifically for digital designers, we will take a deep dive into your business (and I mean deep…I’m combing through your website, your portfolio, your pricing, your social media posts and more) to get to the root of the blockage you are experiencing.

By the end of our session...

You will know exactly what you need to do within the next 30 days to head in a new direction, charge what your work is worth, run your business with authority and confidence, craft messaging to attract your ideal clients, and more.

Here's how the clarity session works.



Book Your Session

Scroll down and follow the steps to book your clarity session with me. When you book, you will be redirected to my questionnaire where I ask you in-depth questions about your design business (you’ll receive an email link to the questionnaire as well).



Complete My Questionnaire

I ask questions up front so that your session is filled with answers from beginning to end! You must complete my questionnaire in full to receive the link to book your clarity session. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that’s okay. That lets me know that’s an area in your business that we need to address.



Schedule and Attend Your Session Virtually

After you complete your questionnaire, you will automatically receive a link to schedule your clarity session with me on a day and time that works for you. Your session will be recorded so that you can be fully immersed in our moment together, and you will have access to download and view the recording afterwards!

Meet Your Coach

I'm Dana.

Ready to conquer the business side of designing? I'm here to help.

With all of the overwhelm that you’re feeling right now, your design business is on the verge of feeling like a self-made prison. I know the steps you need to take to free yourself.

I’m an award-winning branding/web agency owner who has been where you are.

I will show you how.
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Hear what my rockstar clients have to say.


Jessica Rycheal

Design Director, Fine Artist & Orator

Before our Session

“I didn’t have any concerns about hiring Dana before I booked my session. What made our session impactful was how candid, accessible and actionable the consultation was.”

After OUR Session

“Dana helped me understand how to better tailor my online presence to my separate business and art audiences without feeling like I need to divide myself as a person. That was the main source of my overwhelm. I am able to better articulate and present who I am and what I do.”

Joli Anne

Beauty Brand Strategist & Designer

Before our Session

“I was afraid that I would get with a consultant that would give me cut and paste answers. But based on the work that Dana does, I didn’t feel as unsure as I did while looking at other consultants.

Dana took a deep dive into my business and I could tell she was well prepared and actually studied my brand before the session. Her “keep it real” perspective made me feel so much better. There was no overdone persona. It was just her and your knowledge. I wish I had someone like Dana as a college professor when I was in my design classes!”

After our Session

“My session with Dana was well worth the investment. I am currently working to implement all that we discussed. The one thing I am most grateful for is the replay of the session so that I can go back and watch our session and work through section by section.

I did not have to ask any of the questions that I had because Dana covered them before I could even ask. She offered me reassurance and the push that I needed to get to where I need to be.”


Jessica E. Boyd

Digital Illustrator

Before our Session

“I didn’t have any concerns about working with Dana because she’s got receipts to back up her claims and obvious expertise. I’ve definitely invested in consultants in the past who were either exceptionally knowledgeable, but not a good fit for my particular type of business, OR they were all smoke and mirrors when we really got to work. 

I’ve always appreciated Dana’s candor and ability to resonate completely with her creative audience on social platforms. I really can’t think of anyone else I’ve seen online who’s as committed as Dana is to helping creatives move with ease, alignment, and abundance in business.”

After our Session

“Dana is the actionable steps QUEEN—the strategy session was absolutely worth the investment! Within hours of our call (and lowkey, during the call!), I was able to make very pointed and significant progress in repositioning myself online.

While I have systems in place, Dana went above and beyond to help me level up there, too! Her entire client onboarding and offboarding processes are so impressive, and I was so grateful for the behind-the-scenes tour of her own Client Management setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more details? Here are more of your questions answered!

My clarity sessions are great for:

  • Recent design school grads or new self-taught designers looking for clear direction on the next step in their careers
  • Part-time design freelancers looking to pivot to working for themselves full-time
  • Full-time freelancers and agency owners looking to take their business to the next level

…and more.
You must be at least 18 years old to book a session with me.

On the day of our session, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection.

Our clarity session will be held on Zoom. Make sure that you have the latest version Zoom installed on the device that you will be using for our session.

While I would love to see your face during our session, You can turn your camera off if desired. Just make sure that you can see me! I’ll be talking and doing a bit of screen sharing with you.

While refunds are not offered, you are always welcome to re-schedule your session with me on a day and time that works for you.

Yes, I do! Booking a clarity session is the first step in working with me. Opportunities for 1-on-1 private coaching are available afterwards. 

Book Your Session

The Investment

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