My Feature in Net Magazine, Issue 310

Net Magazine, the world’s largest printed publication for web designers, asked me again for some advice on entrepreneurship. This time, I talked about self-care and the importance of taking breaks.

Check out the feature here:

What I Said:

“I don’t go off grid nearly as much as I should but I am getting better at resting and taking breaks. On the one hand, I really love design and my work makes me excited to jump out of bed. But I’ve come to learn that part of serving my clients well means that I must engage in more self care, so that I can give them the best ‘me’. Every time I rest, I come back sharper and I’ve also noticed that it’s easier for me to retain information and learn something new after taking a good vacation.”

Where to Buy/Important Links

Purchase the latest issue of Net Magazine at your local Barnes and Noble, or purchase issue 310 here on the Net Magazine website.

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