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"Dana James Mwangi of Cheers Creative on the Self-Care Routines & Practices of Busy Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders" - Interview by Maria Angelova

“In this interview series, we are talking to busy and successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and civic leaders who can discuss their self-care practices and self-care routines. As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dana James Mwangi.”

CO— by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

‘Know Your Process Inside and Out’: How Organization and Success Are Connected in Business

On the official U.S Chamber of Commerce blog, brand strategist Dana James Mwangi encourages entrepreneurs to get (and stay) organized in order to build their businesses.

"From The Corporate World to Creative Entrepreneurship: 3 Memphis Creators Share Their Story"

“After leaving their corporate jobs for the unconventional world of creative entrepreneurship, David Quarles, Larry Robinson, and Dana James Mwangi found success by monetizing their passions in Memphis.”

My Journey from Print to Web | Confidence Building for Creatives | Dana James Mwangi

Dana James Mwangi’s story of how she became a web designer is featured on Webflow’s streaming platform, Webflow TV: a curated collection of entertaining and inspiring content on how design is changing people’s lives.

“Dana James Mwangi, Founder of award-winning Cheers Creative shares how confidence will take you from being a skilled creative to being a leader and how designing for web allows you to protect brand visuals.”

“Thanks to ‘the Rona’ making its way through the streets of Memphis, many events and conferences taking place in the 901 were cancelled or postponed. With more time to plan an awesome event, you also have the opportunity to invite some amazing Memphians to take your lineup from good to … well, let’s just say Ching’s season’d fries. Here’s five Memphians to schedule as speakers at your next event…”

Check out my features in .Net Magazine, the world's largest publication for web designers.

ISSUE #306

In this issue, I share details on one of my favorite business books.

ISSUE #310

In this issue, I share why it’s important for creatives to take breaks.

ISSUE #313

In this issue, talk about Dubsado my favorite system for managing branding and web design clients.

ISSUE #317

In this issue, I talk about why I love being a branding a web consultant.

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11 Effective Marketing Strategies and Tips for Black-Owned Businesses

“I spoke with Dana James Mwangi, the founder of Cheers Creative and a Grow with Google Digital Coach, to learn about effective marketing strategies, tools, and approaches Black business owners can use to promote their businesses.”

Consulting Success

In Dana’s feature on ConsultingSuccess.com’s “43 Best Consulting Websites & How They Use Them (2024)”, Dana lists her reasons for having a personal website. 

“I believe that every professional should have a personal website, or what I like to call a ‘firstnamelastname.com.’ In this digital space, I realized I needed to go the extra mile to be warm and approachable….”


“A key question is whether there really is a shortage of Black talent in marketing and UX/UI or are we, as an industry, simply not looking hard enough? Dana James-Mwangi, Founder of Cheers Creative, believes there is no shortage of Black talent.”


In 10Web’s blog article titled “41 Consulting Websites With Standout Designs,” Dana’s personal website is highlighted as a “consulting websites that stands out for innovative design and effective communication of services and values.”

Memphis Business Journal

Dana James Mwangi Honored as a 40 Under 40 Honoree by the Memphis Business Journal

“They are you. They are me. They are Memphis. Meet MBJ’s 40 Under 40 honorees, Class of 2021.”


INDMND is a SEO-focused content marketing agency.

In their blog post “The 49 Best Online Business Ideas For 2024,” Dana James Mwangi is listed as an example of an excellent ad consultant.


Obsidi.com: "Cracking the C-suite Code: Advice from Black Women Executives in Tech"

“A study done by the International Journal of Doctoral Studies found that women of colour were more likely to experience Impostor Syndrome than any other group of people. Dana James Mwangi, the founder of Cheers Creative, says that “the biggest challenge most Black women are facing in the tech industry is believing that they can actually succeed.”


DanaJamesMwangi.com is featured on Webcitz’s consultant website showcase for its professional appearance, employing a unique color scheme and large imagery, coupled with simple navigation and accessible, bulleted information, making it a notable example for other consultants.


WomenInTech.co.uk is a platform for showcasing female talent in technology and attracting active and passive talent.

The UK-based platform compiled their “top 5 must-watch advice videos on YouTube that are especially helpful for understanding more about what it’s like to be a woman in tech or how to support and advocate gender equality in the technology industry.”

The One Club for Creativity

Dana James Mwangi Announced as Guest Judge for the 100th Annual ADC Awards

Started by the Art Directors Club of New York in 1920, the ADC Awards is the world’s longest continuously running awards program recognizing excellent global design and advertising talent. The ADC Awards are presented by The One Club for Creativity, an organization that exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community.

Dana James Mwangi, Founder and Brand/Web Strategist at Cheers Creative, was announced as one of the 100th annual ADC Awards’ guest judges.


Salesmate is a CRM platform that helps businesses manage their customer sales processes. In Salesmate’s blog article titled “8 Best Ways For Lead Generation For Consultants in 2023,” Dana’s personal website is highlighted as an exemplary case of using content marketing to attract potential clients or ‘leads’ – individuals or entities likely interested in a consultant’s services.”

Commercial Appeal

Dana James Mwangi as honoree in "Own the Block"

Dana James Mwangi, a prominent figure in Memphis’s entrepreneurial scene, was recently featured in an article by the Commercial Appeal. The article highlighted her involvement in the event called “Owning The Block,” which aims to support the success of Black millennial women. The event, organized by renowned influencer and entrepreneur Karleen Roy, focuses on empowering and building a community for young Black professionals in Memphis.

Delesign Blog
“Dana James Mwangi is an entrepreneur, speaker, and owner of Cheers Creative. While Cheers Creative is a winning branding and website agency, Dana is a business consultant for creatives and designers. And try to her skills and expertise, Dana uses bold colors and font for her consulting website. But what we like best about it is the simplicity.”
CO— by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"5 Ways to Promote Your Minority-Owned Business"

On the official U.S Chamber of Commerce blog, Brand Strategist and Grow with Google Digital Coach Dana James Mwangi shares how she sees firsthand the frustrations and pain points of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs across multiple industries, especially solopreneurs.

Daily Memphian

Dana James Mwangi's role as newly selected Memphis Grow with Google Digital Coach announced in "Two Big Names in Technology Invest in Local Workforce"

“Dana James Mwangi serves as the Grow with Google digital coach for Memphis. Mwangi is founder of Cheers Creative, which, together with brand design, logo development and website creation, has expanded to offer clients marketing strategies as well.”

Tip from Dana James Mwangi Referenced in Forbes.com's "Buy a Logo - 10 Tips for Better Design

Forbes.com Contributor John Rampton gives 10 tips for creating better logos. Tip #9 references a blog post written by Dana James Mwangi of Cheers Creative.
Blavity, the world’s leading news and social commentary platform for Black millennials, features Dana James-Mwangi’s Virtual Brunch on their list of Black-led brunches to attend during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Another strategist who emphasizes the role of digital transformation in the consultancy business is Dana Mwangi. Instead of a portfolio website, her site shows the authority branding and design field.”


"Veteran Freelancers: Dana James Mwangi Is Always Learning"

SolidWP (formerly iThemes) is the creator of SolidBackup (formerly BackupBuddy), one of the most used WordPress Backup plugins in the world with over 500,000 users.

On the SolidWP blog, Dana James Mwangi was interviewed for their WordPress Veterans column.

“I spent a lot of years learning web design and learning WordPress. In those early years, my number one goal was to make websites that looked amazing. Today this is still my goal, but my focus has grown to include making sure a site’s messaging is just as good as its visuals.”

Memphis Business Journal

"Grow with Google to bring 'Digital Coaches' program to Memphis"

“In an effort to provide aid and guidance to Black and Hispanic businesses, Grow with Google — the technology behemoth’s digital training initiative — will bring its Digital Coaches program to Memphis. The coach for Memphis will be Dana James-Mwangi, founder of Cheers Creative, who, through her business, has developed an international client roster, and helped grow businesses through brand and website design.”

“At Lucidpress, we’re passionate about great design and inspiring everyone to create beautiful things. So we’re delighted to bring you this list of influential Black designers, reaching back to the beginning of the 1900s and continuing up to the present day.”
Awesomely Techie Blog
“Below is a list of seven awesome women in the web industry who are making notable contributions by creating and shaping the online experiences of many. We salute the female web designers and developers who stand in the trenches by plowing through design layers, or meticulously writing clean lines of code in their efforts to make the Internet a fun space for us all. The unique perspectives that women bring to web design and development are invaluable: especially since women spend more time and money online than their male counterparts.”
29 Days of the Web
“28 Days of the Web features a different web designer, graphic designer, or web developer every day for the month of February in conjunction with and celebration of Black History Month. (And on leap years, we add an additional person!) Dana James Mwangi was the 29th designer featured this year! Brought to you by Revision Path and sponsored by Facebook Design.”
Canada learning Code

Cheers Creative Founder Dana James Mwangi Talks "Gaining Confidence" with Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code (Formerly Ladies Learning Code), a non-profit organization providing digital literacy to women and youth across Canada, asked Cheers founder Dana James Mwangi and additional women in tech to recount their biggest struggles and detail how facing those struggles led to success.

Effective Design Studio

"Black Designers You Should Know: Part II"

“Dana is an incredibly talented designer, speaker, and owner of the award-winning Cheers Creative. She’s also a skilled entrepreneur, and offers a guide to creatives on tools for business. Visit her site to learn more about her work, and listen to one of the many podcasts she’s appeared on.”
Elegant Themes
Elegant Themes, a premium WordPress theme marketplace with on online community of 317,000+ international customers, is one of the highest rated theme clubs on the internet. Their list of 25 inspirational WordPress-based websites includes the websites of Katy Perry, Mercedes Benz, Nasa, and at #10, is the website of entrepreneur Brandice Daniel, designed by Dana James Mwangi of Cheers Creative.
“In this article, we will deeply review and analyze the X theme, which recently has been getting wide popularity among graphic and web designers. While X is not officially titled as the theme framework based on theme functionality, it can be used as one. As I go deeper in reviewing the theme, you will understand how and why. We actually did interview with Dana, a professional web designer who scaled her design business by using X theme effectively. Learn how she did it and listen to the interview now!”
“Dana inspired and entertained us with insights on how to gain confidence as a designer (and person). She reminded us that most people, whether client or creative, deal with ‘imposter’ syndrome.”
“Dana James Mwangi is the founder and web strategist of Cheers Creative and this website proves her and her team’s vast experience in web design. You should definitely have a closer look at this amazing website and follow her on Twitter!”

Aaliyah Niara of Glamhouse Designs Lists Dana James Mwangi among Inspirational Women

“Dana James Mwangi is the founder and web strategist of Cheers Creative and this website proves her and her team’s vast experience in web design. You should definitely have a closer look at this amazing website and follow her on Twitter!”

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