ConvertKit’s Creator Network and Recommendations Tool: A New Way to Grow Your Email List

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If you’re looking for an authentic, “non-spammy” way to grow your e-newsletter subscriber list, ConvertKit could be a great starting point.

First things first: know that growing your email list is one of the most important things you can do to market your your business.

In today’s digital space, prioritizing your email list is crucial, especially with sporadic threats (and actual follow-throughs) of social media networks being pulled from entire countries, and the occasional times that social media profiles seem to disappear for hours due to server glitches.

Unlike social media platforms, which you can lose access to at any moment, your email subscriber list is yours. Yours in the sense that:

  • You can send emails to the people on your email list any time you want, without the need to be concerned about everchanging social media algorithms.
  • The open rate is higher with your email list than the average engagement rates of social media posts. For example, the average engagement rate on Facebook is 1% according to HootSuite. But email marketing has an average click-through rate of 3.57%. If you master email marketing, you can get up to 40%-50% of your subscribers to open the email you sent.
  • You can download the contacts of your email list (I must add, email subscriber data needs to be handled securely and with care). You can’t do that with your social media following. You may get insights on your social media followers’ actions, but you can’t get your followers’ data.
  • You aren’t subject to penalties that go against social media posting guidelines (however, you still want to make sure your email newsletters reflect the values and language of your company).

What is ConvertKit, and why use it?

ConvertKit is an email martketing platform that is designed for creators.
⁣It’s home to 646,590 creators who send over 2 billion emails a month. With ConvertKit, you can grow an email newsletter subscriber list, or “email list.” You can welcome your subscribers with, automated emails right off the bat, keeping them in the loop with your latest happenings, upcoming events, fresh blog posts, or even your latest offerings.

ConvertKit was designed with creators in mind.
I’ve been a proud fan and user of ConvertKit since 2017, applying it to both my own business and those of my web design clients. Here’s where ConvertKit really shines: the platform was designed with a focus on content creators of all types: bloggers, vloggers, course creators, service providers, coaches, and consultants.

Create e-newsletters designed for storytelling and nurturing your audience
Convertkit’s focus isn’t on helping you create “designed” newsletters. However, Its specialty is something truly special: ConvertKit helps you make mostly text-based newsletters that look like an email that you would get from a friend. They’ve done studies to show that emails like this convert better.

Here’s my favorite feature as a website consultant, designer and business owner:
ConvertKit connects with a broader range of website builders, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, digital shopping carts, and course/membership tools than many of its competitors. It’s almost as if app developers build with ConvertKit users in mind.

When you invest in business tools that have built-in integrations, you are setting your business up to run more smoothly. (Just imagine if none of your business tools “talked” to each other. You would have to complete repetitive tasks that eat up your time and take away from the amount of time you spend selling.)

Why You Should Join ConvertKit’s Creator Network

One of ConvertKit’s standout features is the Creator Network, an online community that fosters collaboration and community among ConvertKit’s users. By signing up and creating a profile, you open doors to connect with and recommend other content creators, while building your tribe of peers.

ConvertKit’s Recommendations Tool

ConvertKit also has a feature called Recommendations. You must be a member of the Creator Network to use it. Here’s what it does: When people sign up for your E-newsletter, you can also direct them to subscribe to your favorite content creators’ E-newsletters.

Email marketing truly stands out as a powerful way to connect with customers, largely because every person on your list has chosen to be there. And when someone gives you a shoutout in their E-newsletter, it’s like welcoming an already interested crowd who’ve made the conscious decision to hear from you. That’s the kind of engagement we dream of, right?

ConvertKit’s Paid Recommendations

On the flip side, if you’re a content creator with a substantial E-newsletter following, the Recommendations tool can add a fresh revenue stream that doesn’t demand your constant attention.

For content creators, juggling various income streams, managing a blog, and producing a podcast can be overwhelming. It’s refreshing to have an email marketing tool like ConvertKit that adds to your earnings without the hefty upkeep.

Imagine having more time to create and less time worrying about maintenance. Isn’t that the dream life of every creator?

With ConvertKit, growing and monetizing your list is not just a daydream. No gimmicks, just straightforward, mutual growth.

Do you want to make your email list blossom with ConvertKit’s Creator Network and Recommendations tool? Sound off with your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

Affiliate Notice: I only endorse business apps and tools that I use or support. This blog post features a YouTube video that I’ve made in partnership with ConvertKit. If you sign up for ConvertKit using my link in this post, I will earn a commission.

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ConvertKit’s Creator Network and Recommendations Tool: A New Way to Grow Your Email List

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